Memories Viewed From A Distance…

I love scrolling through my “memories” that pop up on Facebook each day. I smiled when I read these, but I also came to some realizations…

Nov 16, 2016

Love the snow but it indeed makes chores, well, more of a chore! Lol We let the horses out this morning before we left for the dog show. After the show we headed to tractor supply, got home, clay unloaded supplies and mixed feed while I mucked stalls and skimmed water troughs and spread fresh bedding. Clay cleaned all the heat lamps. The moment the horses saw us they started kicking up a fuss, wanting in the barn! All are fed and tucked in. Starting dinner now. Chopped sirlion, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy and asparagus.


Nov 18, 2014

City girl turned horse rancher….what an adventure! Man is it cold! It’s actually warmed up to 26°. The horses, barn cats and kittens all fed. Took a little work to get the barn doors open as they were frozen shut. The well pump is frozen. God willing it’ll thaw before I’m in a water crisis. I will probably have to haul some water to the barn in 5 gallon buckets from the house but hopefully the trough will last until the pump thaws. Clays thanksgiving pot luck at work is today so I’m hitting the kitchen to cook a dish for that then deliver it. This afternoon will be spent getting the house together for visitors this weekend and mucking the barn and possible nervous breakdown as my mini schnauzer bella is in heat right now and Aengus the great dane is losing his mind. The non-stop whining alone is about to send me over the edge! Lol

Being removed from this time in my life by a few years, I look back to it all and I see so much love, warmth, happiness there. I see myself standing in the center of the barn at the end of the day, with all the horses heads poking out of the stall doors, listening intently as I said an evening prayer for them. (yes, I know I’m weird)


I see days of brushing my horses, gently lifting their mane, laying my head against their necks and softly singing lullabies. I see their eye’s go drowsy, feel their breath against my shoulder and remember the beautiful smell of them.

Oh I see my ranch…. playing with the barn cats and our mini donkey Kevin, who followed me like a puppy, the baby horses born there and all of it cast in the romantic hues of nostalgic love.


How is it that time does this, strips away reality and replaces it with a golden filter? I had to remind myself of sleepless nights spent fighting for the life of a colicking horse, the anxiety and dreadful fear of losing one. There were 12°F and negative windchill winters with fingers burning from the cold as I mucked horse stalls and busted the ice from frozen troughs.

There were 110°F days, sweat stinging my eye’s while unloading truckloads of hay bales, thousands of pounds of feed in 50 lb increments over my shoulders and chopping weeds from the fence line with a machete!

Maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones for whom time wipes away all the bitter, leaving only the sweetness behind.

You can read more about my crazy random adventure in Ranching under My Life In Mudboots.



    • So true! And, these memories I leave for my kids, grands and futures to remember and to know me. Someday my greats or great greats will read these and know about my life, that their grandmother knew hard work and laugh that she would pray with her horses. 🤣

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  1. I envy you.. I find that most of my automatic memories are negative/painful and I have to search for the good ones. There are plenty of great memories but they rarely are the first to appear.

    Those pics are GREAT!

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  2. This post is like a warm hug. Yes, you are blessed to have all the best sweet moments drift up to you rather than the difficult parts.

    I don’t know anything about ranch life except what I see in one of my friends. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns but it is a labour of love.

    … and that bucket full of kitten cuteness! Heart is melting!!


    • That’s so true! It was often back breaking work but there was a true sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and love. Oh the kittens were so precious! Funny thing, I have always been deathky allergic to cats but after buying a ranch…well, you have to have a barn cat. No problem, I’ll just stay away from it, right? So we found 2 on craigslist that were ” fixed”. Perfect! Of course the darn things ADORED ME! Followed me everywhere begging for love, and I’m a sucker for it soooo…
      But, lucky for me, they didn’t bother my allergies very much and I was ok as long as I kept their hair away from my face, incuding my hands after petting…
      I think I’ll write this, post it and tag you. Turns out its a longer story than I thought. Lol


      • I too am allergic to cats – and yet I have a big loveable fur ball for an owner 😉 He too loves to cuddle. Even in spite of diligently washing my hands, brushing my clothes and keeping my bed covered so I’m not sleeping in cat hair, I still struggle.
        I just can’t resist a cat’s face 😻


      • They are certainly unique creatures don’t you think? Dogs are so loving….they throw a party everytime you walk in the door, even if you only stepped outside to check the mail. Cats though, when they are affectionate, have a way of making you feel like you’ve been deemed worthy of a precious gift. Lol


  3. This is so cool to read. Love your gentle spirit with the horses. I can still smell the horses and hay from my Uncles barn. A comforting smell! Singing lullabies to them! Awh!!! 🙂 ❤


    • Some think praying with my horses was about as weird as singing them lullabies but I loved them and they loved me. It fascinated me that they responded to both. Lullabies soothed and calmed them and they’d all stop eating and come stand at the stall doors, waiting for the nightly prayer and wouldn’t go back into the stall until I was finished and wished them goodnight. I simply chalked it up to our common thread of being created of God. And, They seemed to like it which was a blessing as I didn’t know a thing about horses and was flying by the seat of my pants. Lol

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  4. I think of you often here on the farm as we try to take care of everything. It is hard work but so worth it when I see the joy on little Addie’s face.

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    • Oh, the love and joy that I see living there….is like a daily affirmation of an answered prayer! Especially seeinf Addie, growing, thriving, flourishing and the unbridled joy. ….warms my heart💕


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