Where Are You?


At that moment their eyes were opened and they suddenly felt shame…
Hearing the Lord walking in the garden, they hid themselves among the trees.
Then the Lord called…”Where are you?”
Gen 3

This is the first question of the Old Testament—God coming to ask after you. “Where are you?”
Where are you in your life? “Where are you—away from ME?”

This is the first question of the New Testament…when the wise men come asking,
“Where is He?”
Matt 2:2

We can only find where we are, when we find out where He is. We only find ourselves…when we find Him.
We lost ourselves at one tree. And, can only find ourselves at another.

He reaches for you…in the falleness, the mire of shame, brokenness, guilt, pain…
Three words come through the thicket of failure.
“Where Are You?”

Spurgeon writes…God – “I Am come to find you wherever you may be. I will look for you till the eyes of My pity see you. I will follow you til the hands of My Mercy reach you, and I will still hold you…to My heart.”

And that moment when your heart turns to His heart… The Fall turns into a falling into His Everlasting arms.
Deu 33:27


Jesus is calling for you: “Where are you?”

A Moment For Reflection:

What would you say if God called out to you now, “Where are you?”

What does it mean to you the God seeks you out and finds you when you ate far from Him?

What places deep within your soul do you long for the Lord to seek out during this season of Advent?

Adapted from Ann Voskamp’s
The Greatest Gift
Unwrapping The Full Love Story Of Christmas

Always With Love – Laura


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