My Life In Mud Boots: Call Me Home Jesus!

I’d like to say it was the worst day ever but we did have a great time at church with people we love and miss throughout the week however, it all went downhill from there. With the new baby horses born on the farm came the need to exchange barbed wire for double twisted, cutting down trees and stretching hot wire. Yes, I want to say it was the worst day ever but I have lived through some really rotten ones.

Last Summer for instance, our mini donkey, Kevin, kept jumping through the fence to hang out with the mules next door. Their fence was is such ill repair that he’d walk right through and go visit everybody! After several attempts to hem him in and about the fourth knock at the door to let us know that Kevin was on the road again, we put up hot wire.

Here’s where it got rotten….it’s 100° in the beating sun and after everything else had failed, from push mower to weedeater, I had to clear the fence line of thick brush and weeds in order to run the wire, with a MACHETE! ya HER me?  M-A-C-H-E-T-E!

You may remember that a few years prior I had shattered my back and both arms at the wrist….there I was bent over, chopping away at six acres of fenceline THEN had to mix brush killer in a backpack sprayer, hoist it onto my back and go spray it. Boy did God get an earful that day! I prayed for strength to take each step all the while wanting nothing more than to just lay down right in the middle of the pasture and give up the ghost!

Today was a close second. In the 90’s humid and  sun just beating down, a day so hot its nauseating. Clay kept stopping to bend over and I was sure he was going to get sick at any moment. We chopped weeds then we ( mostly he. I was his lovely yet sweaty assistant) dug and pulled fenceposts, relocated and drove them in. All the while sweat drenched our clothes, stung our eye’s, mosquitoes biting and hair plastered to my neck. A darn horse fly bit Clay who is allergic, right on the eyelid which promptly swole shut! We stretched wire, ran horse tape and tied wire until just before 9pm.

Finally we set the mares and foals free for the first time since the birthing and their delight almost made it all seem worth it. Oh! Did I mention ticks? Ticks, biting flies, mosqitoes…it was like the plagues of Moses!

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