The Old Farm House: The Before

Moving away from my new built, 3600 sqft, 5 br, 2 master suite home with gameroom, library,  theatre room, tuscan kitchen with imported tile from italy, wasn’t easy.  The last of the kids had graduated high school and Clay and I were bouncing off the walls of an empty house. Compounding it was the fact that we were paying the amount of a complete monthly mortgage payment to stable our horses elsewhere! Buying a smaller house with land and a barn just made sense. This is what we found….



Note that they had spray painted the frame od the chain link fence with brown spray paint! Ghastly!

The checklist was this:
Smaller home
Fenced Acres
I wanted a tree lined drive
Clay wanted a Flag Pole
We found the perfect place in Tuttle Oklahoma and at a fantastic price BUT it was gosh awful!
Built in 1970, run down, doubtful it had been cleaned since, no updates and the 70’s had spewed all over it and it stuck!
Clay and I are dreamers so we dreamt of what it could be…what we could make it into so with my vision and design and Clays strong arms and can do attitude, we cannonballed into the deep end of DIY home remodeling.

The Before Pics taken while viewing the home.


This is from the livingroom with thin, horridly dark, fake beams, walled off kitchen / dining area with those horrid spindle posts on the half wall.



The kitcken with cracked white tile, grout that acid wouldbt clean, dark stained wood cabinets with, yes, rough, stripped yellow formica counter and back splash. Yikes!



2 views of the livingroom



Front bathroom terror


Tiny master bath


The glass Florida room, AKA The oven! Check out that crazy carpet!



The crappy hall.


The hall to the front door, sandwiched between dining and master bath and the ugly front door. 


  1. Now that you have the kind of mess we were dealing with, here’s the remodeled version. Note that we contracted the enclosing of the Florida room but the rest was all us… miserable, stressful, backbreaking and beautifulThe After Photos




















  1. My son purchased this place and is raising his 2yr old little girl here. I am living with them until my new house is built on the property. We love it!!!

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    • Hopefully the after, not the before? That was horrid! Lol we sold the farm but became great friends with the new owners. It sold in 3 days! We now live at The Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. Walk out the back door and onto my boat dock or jump in the lake. You’ll have to come here. 😊

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  2. Oh my gosh, I am at a loss for words here. WOW! you guys did an amazing job. It is crazy how dark those 70’s homes were and that crazy carpet…what were they thinking back then? I love what you did. It is fun going into an old home and walking around seeing all the potential it has then putting a new touch to things. I am always up for some before and after shots. I know it took a lot of work. Thank you for sharing this with us, looks great.


    • Thank you so much! I was trying to figure out how to get the before post and the after posts both linked and posted. Egads! It was like juggling! Lol
      Months of tough work but very happy with the end result. Sadly, after living in the messy version, barely got to live in the nice! Put it on the market and got a full price offer in 3 days! Sold $100,000.00 above the price we bought it at. Became great friends with new owners who fell in love with it. Alls well that ends well. 😊

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      • Yes with hopes. We knew we weren’t going to stay there forever. My husband qualified for early retirement and the time was ticking to his 50th birthday so we jumped in to finish it by that time. He retired and we moved to The lake of the Ozarks, bought a house on the water and boats instead. Lol

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    • Wow, that is a huge transformation, and looks wonderful! How long was the rebuild project?
      We moved into a grotty, poorly renovated, cold house 18 months ago but have to chip away very slowly due to lack of funds. Sometimes I think we’ll never get there. It is in a beautiful rural setting too but is getting cramped as we collect bits to use in the reno 😕😳…and winter is coming…


      • It took about 5 months once we really jumped in with just the 2 of us. Actually living in it at the same time was the worst and most time consuming issue. The storing of materials plus having to move or remove furniture and belongings around constantly…it was like musical furniture! I’ve sworn I’d never do it again while living it. Lol
        It’s rottenly tedious but the end result is so worth it! Hang in there!

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