Out Around Town: Farmers Market & A country Supper


On Saturdays our town has a Farmers market where people set up to sell there wares.  You can find a variety of items from arts & crafts, various plants,  grass fed meats, organic fruits and vegetables.  20180616_110548-01-02

I found these darling owl pillows that I could see my granddaughters being crazy for, but being me, also thought to myself…hmmmm, I could do that.and if I can’t, my mom sure can!


I grabbed a cinnamon iced coffee from the Restoration Farms booth.  Restoration Farm grows MicroGreens all year round.  They have high quality Goats Milk Soap and Natural Lotion Bars. They also roast coffees themselves from Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Bali (Organic) and Swiss Water Decaf (South and Central America blend).



We sampled micro greens. They are supposed to be nutrient rich and are surprisingly rich in flavor.  Clay bought a selection of seeds as we all know that I kill plant life and already has them sprouted!


Now as for me, I love the Amish booths.  Our area has  large Amish and Mennonite communities.  They bring the most wonderful baked goods and I can never resist the fresh baked bread and a doughnut to nibble while we shop.  They bring sausages, farm fresh eggs, bacon, grass fed beef as well as the best produce!  We buy local honey and real maple syrup regularly.  This trip I bought cabbage, bacon, new potatoes, a zucchini the size of a melon and a two hand full, beef-eater tomato.

Arriving home with our bounty, I went to work on preparing a deep south country supper.  I diced bacon, onion, bell pepper and sauted until bacon was crisp and vegetables tender then added the pinto beans I’d soaked the night before. I sliced links of Andoulli sausage and added it to the pot, seasoning with garlic, salt and pepper.


In a separate pot, I sauted more diced bacon, sliced onion and garlic, adding chopped cabbage and scant amount of chicken broth and seasoning with salt & pepper.


I started a pot of boiling water with diced onion, salt, pepper, butter adding new potatoes.


I poured some oil into a baking pan and slipped inside the pre-heating oven, for cornbread.  Heating the oil in the oven before adding the batter makes a beautiful golden crust.


While the cornbread baked, I sauted the zucchini over high heat in olive oil, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Then cut my beef-eater tomato and an onion into thick slices.  Southern supper served!



    • These are definitely things you can cook at home and with ease! If you like pinto, red, or kidney beans, simply place in a pot of water to soak over night. They’ll cook quicker. Other beans don’t need to soak at all. These really took the longest. Everything else cooks very quickly! It was so nice and so much more flavorful to have fresh, farm grown foods! Letvme know if you try any of these and if it turned out delicious for you! 😊


      • Alright. Can you send a proper recipe to me. I really want to try it. And for the ingredients, please give me other options I can use, incase I can’t find some of them


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