Blog & Bloggers Thursday….My bad


Apparently my scheduling of posts had gone awry and last weeks ended up posting as an August post? Egads!  So this week, you’ll get an extra helping of fantastic blogs & bloggers.

Welcome to Blog & Bloggers Thursday!

Each Thurs., I share some of the posts that I’ve enjoyed during the past week, blogs I love or simply fantastic Bloggers.  This is more than a simple link up.  I’ll give you links while giving it and them the honor of what or why I loved it and why you will too.

It’s a weekly hat tip to my community, a word of appreciation, recognition AND a way for me to both introduce you to each other and promote your blogs. 

There are so many of you that I just can’t say enough about and I truly love but I can’t get to everyone all at once. Please be patient.  I Don’t want your feelings  hurt or to think I’ve over looked you.  I love you all!  Read, enjoy, follow and be looking for my pingback as you’ll be listed soon.

How you can help…  If you’ve written a post that you’d love to share, one you’re really happy with, or just to introduce yourself to everyone, leave a link in the comments where everyone can enjoy it.

Without further adieu…

The Britchy One! @ Bitchin in the kitchen
Pick one….any one, and you’ll be giggling!  She’s the schniz, razor sharp wit, riotous calamity,  sly as a fox and chock full of shinanagans!  A true delight, warm friend and essential community member.

Shelly @ Quaint Revival                                       If-stained-glass-windows-could-talk                    I love Shelly and her blog. Her blog is informative, witty and often inspirational.  She, herself, is warm, inviting, always receptive and inviting to connection with her readers.  In her post above, she discusses being the landlord of a house built in the late 1800s. The home has a stained glass window and she wonders about the stories that this window could tell…the lives witnessed. Shelly has seen a lot during her 17 years as landlord and offers a glance into the life lived there as well as her own unique perspective.

Devorah Yentl AKA Dolly @
Kool Kosher Kitchen
I just love her! She’s just as precious and warm as she can be! While as you may correctly assume, it has recipes BUT this isn’t just a simple cooking blog. It’s much more!  Every post and recipe ( gluten free folk will love her!) has a story, a history an adventure! Yum & Yum!  Dolly is gracious, friendly, always ready to engage and answer questions you may have. Her stories are fascinating , nostalgic and leave you feeling cozily at home while her recipes warm the soul.

My Plaid Heart
Recipe: Whisky Balls
First of all, she writes blog about Scotland…can you say ” Bucketlist”?
She takes you on a fantastic journey, full of breathtaking beauty and witty humor that makes me laugh such as in Dunnottar Castle
Secondly, she’s a community blue ribbon winner in my book….she connects and comnents in the best of ways! And, if that wasn’t enough, she whiskey balls using scotch instead…and we all know scotch kicks the crap out of whiskey! lol

Roy Lennic @ Insights Cafe
wrote “There are things in life you don’t force
There have been times in life, especially when young, that I really needed to hear these words. They are words I want to share, tell my kids, pass to my grandchildren…if needed, with you.

If you don’t know….get in the know about this blog….Gorgeous photography, can roll a month worth of writing prompts into a single post AND cannot be beat in promoting others blogs, connecting with and encouaging community bloggers.

Ray Not Bradbury
I like Ray, a lot! She’s one of the first blogs I followed.  An excellent writer and huge promoter of others blogs as well. Todays offering was
shibui-yourself-before-too-late.  I do not want to give this one away….read it and Shibui yourself!

Someone new
Tammy Twinkle @ Mrs Twinkle
I came upon Tammy by her liking one of my posts. I popped over to check out her blog and…..I could have stayed the day! Food, stunning photography, adventures and recipes to die for! Her blog is like stepping inside some quaint cottage in a distant village far away. In a word…delightful!


  1. Laura, you are a standout among bloggers! Thank you a million times for the shoutout and especially for your kind words (and for making me laugh at “she whisky balls…”). 😀 Your blog is one of my favorites of those that I follow!

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  2. Laura! Thank you for the callout and for the fun way to introduce other bloggers to your readers! Your kind words of support are so appreciated! PS – your blog is always a joy to read, thank you for all the wonderful inspiration you share from your perspective!!

    Liked by 2 people

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