Blogs & Bloggers Thursday


Welcome back to Blog & Bloggers Thursday!
Each Thurs., I share some of the posts that I’ve enjoyed during the past week, blogs I love or simply fantastic Bloggers.  This is more than a simple link up.  I’ll give you links while giving it and them the honor of what or why I loved it and why you will too.
It’s a weekly hat tip to my community, a word of appreciation, recognition AND a way for me to both introduce you to each other and promote your blogs. 
There are so many of you that I just can’t say enough about and I truly love but I can’t get to everyone all at once. Please be patient.  I Don’t want your feelings  hurt or to think I’ve over looked you.  I love you all!  Read, enjoy, follow and be looking for my pingback as you’ll be listed soon.
How you can help…  If you’ve written a post that you’d love to share, one you’re really happy with, or just to introduce yourself to everyone, leave a link in the comments where everyone can enjoy it.
without further adieu…

Everyday Magic With Jubilee
Start Your Own Happiness Project

In this post, Jubilee, not only shares some of her favorite books but one specifically, The Happiness Project. She explains the projects premise and the resulting happier you at its conclusion.  Not only does she intend to begin her own Happiness Project but invites us to join the journey too!  I’m jumping in and hope you will too!

The Naive Romantic
What I Believe

I could write a thesis on all the things I love about this post.  Lain, not only shares himself with such openness and sincerity but reveals an inner wisdom and thoughtfulness that is at once admirable and endearing.  I highly recommend Lain and his blog.

A Farm Girls Life
What Child is this..

A truly inspirational post for the holiday season.  Allison @ A farm girls life, treats us to the story of the birth of Christ from Mary’s perspective.

Mes Mots
Digital Detox

True wisdom for today’s world!  This post reminds us of the importance of getting our faces out of our devices and truly living and experiencing our lives and moments in person instead of virtually, BE in the moment, be present in the world.  Turn off, recharge and detox!

Nathaniel Tower
7 Things published writers do differently

Fantastic article for writers wanting to publish. Informative and inspiring. Packed with inspiration to recharge your writing life, writing with purpose instead of simply spewing volumes of words on a page but getting back to crafting what we write and learning to love what we write, again.






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