The Man Purse Incident

If you’ve read my post “Marriage: Mystery Solved” you’ll get this.

My husband Clay and I go on and on about “MY” purse.   I say it’s his as it has more of his junk in it than my own.  Example: we go out to eat, he asks me for his reading glasses.  Where are mine?  At home! I can’t fit both in “my” purse!

He says I can use his, but they’re sooo big they just flop all over my face!   He claims it’s because I have a tiny baby head.  Ok, so yea, I do have to buy hats in the kids department but I say “OK, Smarty Pants, little head = All brain, big HEAD… (echo) HEAd…HEad…head…”    *smirk*                         

 I actually got Clay to carry a “satchel” once.   (He calls it Satchel.   It’s a M-urse…a man purse.)   We were taking 2 of our teenagers to Bricktown in Oklahoma City.  He  Serendipitously wore a “Salmon” polo, (Again, potAto /  potato.  It was pink.) and his new khaki M-urse.                                              

As we’re exiting the truck, I say ” Hey, you can carry my stuff for a change!”   Bless his heart, he not only agreed but was delighted to do so, so I dropped my pink bejeweled phone into his bag.                                                                             Screenshot_20180311-205606-01       

We walked up and down the busy street, popping into the shops along the way.  We were right in the middle of a particular boutique when my phone started ringing.   It was our eldest daughter calling.  Clay started a frantic clamour to retrieve my phone from the bottom of his M’urse.                  

Our teenagers scattered like rats, abandoning a ship and I’m  bent over hee hawing like a jackass, as my husband, in pink polo, whips out pink bejeweled phone, with daughters ringtone screaming, “Get, Get, Get It Girl”  from his M’urse!                     Khaki M’urse never seen again.                                               

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  1. I soooo relate to this post! I actually down sized, after up sizing from my large beach bag looking purse, to a full backpack at one point, to my current medium sized bag because I’m sick being everyone mule. I carry everyone’s sunglasses, snacks, hats, cellphones, and whatever else they pick up as our day goes. Annoying! LOL!

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  2. Oh my goodness, Laura! This totally cracked me up! 😂 I can just see the teens scattering and you about to lose your breath! And the hubby trying to find hide in a hole somewhere! 😂

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    • 🤣 What hilarious memories we create! Laughter to last a lifetime! I’m actually attempting to revisit the idea with him of carrying a sachel (AKA man-purse AKA Murse). As I literally have no room in my own purse to carry my own stuff! Lol


  3. I don’t know why but it really bugs me when others in my family assume that I am okay about carrying their stuff in my bag (purse). Other half always gives me his water bottle – it’s heavy, rug and have to carry it plus my water bottle. And so on. So if I don’t want to carry his crap around I don’t bring my bag, but then I don’t get to bring my stuff. He doesn’t get it. 😡

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  4. OH! I almost forgot.

    Down here it’s only the female kangaroos that have pouches.. i guess if God wanted men to have a purse he’d have fitted them with a pouch! 😉

    And you can tell Clay that one! 😀


  5. This cracked me up – poor guy!

    Have you tried to get Clay into wearing Cargo Pants – with BIG Deep pockets??

    That should leave you plenty of room for your glasses. If i take my phone and my pen out of my man-size wallet i can just about fit mine in without breaking them ( so far) 😉

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