Love in The Rough

When we’re young, we have a fantasy of what love is, how it should go and remain unchanged forever…..the fairway all the way! The fairway is a smooth groomed surface, bereft of obstacles and unobstructed view of life’s markers. Many don’t count on landing in the rough.
 “God Bless the Broken Road”, that’s our song. We played it at our wedding 11 yrs ago. We’d both been married before, suffered our share of brokenness but in and with each other, found love and we found it in the rough.                                                                This is where we rally, for and with our kids in all their situations. It’s where my husband takes my hand and walks with me through grief and at times dries tears he doesn’t really understand.                       Rough was countless nights spent sleeping in a chair next to my hospital bed.  3am, I’m hurling my guts up and he’s tapping at the door, ” can I hold your hair?” That’s rough. And, the day you wake up in your mid fifties, hair in a fright with a grandmother’s face and wearing a jello suit, he looks at you with dreamy eye’s and says ” you are so beautiful”…Thank God that he’s gone blind and that you’ve played it in the rough.                                                          Oh yes we’ve had many days of riotous laughter, soft kisses and uncountable joys but found our strength withinin the rough.   The rough is where life happens. The challenge makes love strong… enough to weather storms,
and enough to make it last.
On the edges of the fairway is where I found REAL love, strong arms and strong heart.
Thank you so for loving me. Babe, I know that it’s been rough.





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  1. […] Love In The Rough In you I’ve found the missing half of myself…a hand to hold through all behind and yet to come, a strong anchor in all my best and worst moments, someone who not only thinks I’m hilarious but jumps in head first, kicking it up like little kids with me and the man that takes my hand and bows with me in prayer. These moments are my treasures and so dear are you. You are my answered prayer, hope fulfilled, my heart, my love, my friend. Let the adventure continue! With all my love- Laura Michelle […]


  2. I love reading everything you have to put down on paper/computer. Your amazing and the way you word things keeps you reading! Love you cuz!! Follow you to the end❤️

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