14 yrs: Life Lived Fully Blessed

14th wedding anniversary!
This is love….I’d rather cry with you than laugh with any other!


Darling Clay,
Through all the ups and downs of everyday life these 14 years, we have laughed together….


The Man Movie Dilemma

The Man Purse Incident

Marriage: Mystery Solved

Life According To Laura: Running

Choke The Man Down

We’ve bickered, cried together, laughed still more and prayed together. We have lost loved ones, been through accidents and illness…



The Horse Came Back Alone

We’ve seen graduations, 3 children succeed in careers, one finshing up a college degree and one just starting on her way and blooming in it. We’ve seen 7 grandbabies born with #8 on the way, and in that experienced miracles.

Prayers For Ezra


We’ve hit milestones and lived this adventure. I’ve Lived more and experienced more life in these 14 years with you than in all my years combined and yet it’s all gone by so quickly!


Oklahoma, Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Ireland

White Water Rafting The Canyon


Lived In 1st Person


From playing sports together, indoor soccer to Pickleball, to weathering tornados to wildfires, randomly becoming horse ranchers, show dogs, to home remodeling, we flew by the seats of our pants into the great unknown, holding hands, leaping into life cannonball style.


Work That Wit

Horse Foaling for Beginners

Wait What!?

Farmhouse Before Remodel

Farmhouse After Remodel

All with so much love….

In between Someday

Encrusted: Fully Rich

Love In The Rough

In you I’ve found the missing half of myself…a hand to hold through all behind and yet to come, a strong anchor in all my best and worst moments, someone who not only thinks I’m hilarious but jumps in head first, kicking it up like little kids with me and the man that takes my hand and bows with me in prayer. These moments are my treasures and so dear are you. You are my answered prayer, hope fulfilled, my heart, my love, my friend.
Let the adventure continue! With all my love-
Laura Michelle


  1. Your pictures are so lovely. (Well except the one that you’re clearly in the hospital in a lot of pain). It looks like you guys have been on one heck of an adventure since getting married. And his face in that wedding photo is priceless! This is such a lovely post to read, thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much V, for your thoughtful comment! Yes, I was definitely in a lot of pain but it also is so telling of dynamic of our relationship. The last photo he had taken of me was one of me sitting on the horse before he left us to put our mares out to pasture. Even in such pain, I could not resist the humor of having the very next photo be me in the ER and I literally made him take it! 🀣
      More than anything, even after this many years, we fill the days with many smiles and laughter. πŸ’•


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